Driva M30A

The Driva M30A model is the entry-level model of the computer-controlled sewing machines from Janome.

The Janome Driva M30A has 30 sewing programs including a buttonhole with memory function. The LCD display shows the number of the sewing program selected. All practical features such as the Start/Stop button, merit button, needle postion and the continuous speed regulation are located below the display. The default setting of the different sewing programs can be adjusted in the stroke length up to 4 mm and in the sample width up to 5 mm to match your sewing project. The built-in needle flier makes threading a breeze. You can sew, if desired, even without a foot starter. To do this, use the Start/Stop button and the speed controller to control the sewing speed. Thanks to its compact dimensions and a low weight of 5 kg, the Janome M30A is also ideal as a travel machine or course machine and finds your place even in the smallest room.